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Credits and Work
Writer/Producer/Editor; 2018 -2021
I am an Innocent Man: The Ed Johnson Story, an hour-long historical documentary. 

Writer/Producer/Editor; 2020-2021
Life Stories Documentaries ​for Gathering Stories, a video company dedicated to the preservation of family history and stories.  
Writer/Producer/Editor; 2019
Off The Couch, a pilot for a psychological show that explores relationships.    

Memorial Hospital; 2017- 2018
Gatehouse Entertainment - Graphic Package for over 40 Live events 2017-2018
Field Producer and Writer; Sirens Media for Discovery ID and TV One   2011-2017
For My Man                               1 episode, season 3                     2017
Evil Step Mother                        1 episode, season 1                     2016
For My Man                               3 episodes, season 2 & 3             2016
Southern Fried Homicide          6 episodes, season 3.                  2015
Who the Bleep Did I Marry?     11 episodes, season 5.                 2014
Deadly Affairs                            2 episodes.                                  2013
Southern Fried Homicide          4 episodes including the pilot.     2013
Who the Bleep Did I Marry?      3 episodes season 3.                   2012
Who the Bleep Did I Marry?     12 episodes including the pilot.    2011

Design and edit opening videos for live events. Gatehouse Media; 2015- 2016
Writer and Producer, Mindflow Media and Gingersnap Entertainment; 2013-2015
69 and Up: Sex and Intimacy in the Golden Years. A short independent film for educational use.

Producer and Editor, StudioArts1; 2015  
The Elephant Tree, A stop-motion animated film created and directed by Artist Judy Mogul to be distributed for educational use. 

Writer, Producer and Editor, Tennessee State Museum;  2011
Visionary Voices of the South, a short film for a museum exhibit on Howard Finster.  

Writer, Producer, and Editor, Tennessee State Museum;  2010
We Shall Not Be Moved, a short film for a museum exhibit celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Nashville sit-ins.  

Writer, Producer, and Editor, Benwood Foundation; 2007-2009
12 web videos profiling the speakers of the George T. Hunter Lecture Series.  

Speakers include Bill Mckibben, Frank McCourt, Fred Kent, Doris Kerns Goodwin, John Merrow, Majora Carter, and David Brooks, Robert Pinsky, Armando Carbonell, Malcolm Gladwell, Michael Pollen.  
Writer, Producer, and Editor, Habitat for Humanity; 2009
Main Street: More Than a Home, a short film about a community’s effort to build the first LEAD certified Habitat house in Chattanooga.

Writer, and Producer, WTCI Public Television; 2007- 2009                                        
History Makers: The Chattanooga Sit-ins participants, and History Makers: Jack and Alice Lupton & Lyndhurst Foundation, two short films honoring the recipients of the History Maker Award given by the Chattanooga History Center.  History Makers: The Chattanooga Sit-ins Participants won a CINE GOLDEN EAGLE and was nominated for a regional mid-south Emmy award in 2009.                                                                                                                                                                         
The Road to Riverbend, a one-hour special with a behind-the-scenes look at one of the largest music festivals in the country. The Road to Riverbend won a Gold IFEA International Pinnacle Award and was nominated for a regional mid-south Emmy in 2007.

Producer and Director, SuperJane Films; Washington, DC   
you don't know what i got, a feature-length documentary about the passions and struggles of five women: Housekeeper Jimmie Woodruff, Musician Ani Difranco,  artist Myrtle Stedman and police officers Julie Bruzell and Linda Finney.  The filmmaker was invited to present the film and lead a discussion at Dartmouth University and for the Film and Video Association of Boston. 
Festivals and Awards:
you don't know what i got

Full Frame Film Festival - Audience Award
The DC Independent Film Festival - Selected as opening film & DC Peer award for editing.
Rosebud Film Festival - Rosebud Award        
Valley Film Festival - Jury Award 

Philadelphia Film Festival of World Cinema        San Francisco Indie Film Festival    
4th Women's Film Festival in Seoul                      Victoria Film Festival
The Memphis Independent Film Festival             The Santa Cruz Film Festival
Newport Film Festival                                           The USA Film Festival
WinFemme Film Festival                                       Temecula Film Festival
The Festivals of Festivals                                      The Female Eye Film Festival
The Santa Fe Film Festival                                     Alaska Film Festival

Writer, Producer, and Editor, Tentmakers Entertainment; 2003-06                              
14 episodes of Three-Day Weekend, a half-hour travel show for Turner South Network.                                            
Four episodes of Blue Ribbon: a half-hour travel show for Turner South Network.
Writer and Producer, Cronkite Ward TV; Washington, DC                                                                   The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, an hour documentary in the Great Books Series for TLC.                     The Wonderful Wizard of Oz earned a CINE Golden Eagle and a Telly Award in                               7 segments for Secrets of the Sequence, a half-hour science series for National Public Television.
Field Director;  Animal Planet  
Wolf: Return to the Wild  - 1-hour documentary

Writer and Producer, Roundabout Productions; Washington, DC     
Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, a one-hour documentary in the Great Book Series for TLC.    
The Power of Genes, a one hour documentary in the Understanding series, for TLC

Producer, Cronkite Ward; Washington, DC                                                                                  
Oceans,  a one hour documentary in the Understanding Series for  TLC.                                         Electricity, a one hour documentary in the Understanding Series for TLC.


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